Thursday, 7 April 2011

'Ashes to Ashes' Practical Analysis

Gene Hunt

  • Low angle shots are used when filming Gene Hunt, to show that he is a heroic character, with high status. 
  • The car that he drives represents him, as a superior person.
  • As he steps out of the car, the camera focuses on his snake-skinned boots which were very popular in the 80s. The series is set in the 80s. 
  • He is dressed very smartly in a tie and shirt, and a long black coat. He is also wearing leather gloves. This represents him to be in a role of a detective.
  • When Alex realises who Gene Hunt is, the soundtrack portrays him to be a 'superhero'. 
  • Overdramatized music is played as Alex realises who he is, to emphasis his main role. 
  • When the car is driving to Alex, the soundtrack is a typical 80s rhythm, and quite upbeat.
Ways to modify our first impressions of Gene Hunt.
We could achieve this in many ways using Camerwork, Mise-en-Scene and Soundtrack. Our first impressions of Gene Hunt in the extract were that he was quite sexist towards women. This is evident with the remarks he makes towards Alex Drake. We also saw him as a macho person, by the body language shown. The low angle shows his posture to be confident and upright. One way we could change this representation is by, using different camera angles. Instead of using low angles shots, medium shots and close-up shots to get an insight to his emotions during this scene. Another way would be to use a different soundtrack. The soundtrack could be less upbeat suggesting that he is a more serious person, and would not be as humorous. It would have low tones suggesting the seriousness of the situation. Although when the car is being driven we could take take snippets of the upbeat soundtrack, to still show that he has a high status. The body language could also be modified, by making his reactions less exaggerated, making it look more realistic. Lastly we could decrease the number of cross-cutting shots so that it focuses more on the male protagonist, Gene Hunt, than the situation. This would portray his confidence and upbrupt manner less because it will give us more of an insight on him as a person, in his role. 

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